Miss Fortune Arcade Stream

After 6 years together, at last, Teemo vs All has its first live on Youtube!

In this case we show you how complex it is to make a small animation.
For this special occasion we have chosen Miss Fortune Arcade and we will take the opportunity to make a new outro for the channel.

Basically we will start by drawing the sketch of what will be the animation, then we will make a second pass cleaning the lines, then we will colour it, we will put shadows and we will correct positions, scaling and errors.

All this while chatting with you and making small drawings on demand.

Once the stream is finished, not everything is done. There is still the laborious task of setting up the sound and editing the video. But that is a process that I will do off-camera.

Without further ado, here are the links to the live shows and some screenshots of the final drawings.

Let me know in the comments on Youtube what you thought of the stream.

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