Dont play with Aurora

My latest video “Don’t Play with Aurora” is now live!

In this thrilling episode, we introduce Aurora, the new League of Legends champion. Aurora is a powerful mage with a magical wand as her weapon. The tension rises as Aurora and her companion Teemo find themselves surrounded by enemies. But Aurora doesn’t back down.

With a spell-casting frenzy, she starts taking down her foes one by one. First, she casts a powerful spell that jumps on Ziggs and drowns him, taking him out of the fight. Then, with an impressive move, she sends Draven flying through the air, leaving him out of reach. Next, she throws an explosive bunny at Zilean, disintegrating him before he can react.

Finally, she uses the “accio” spell to pull Olaf towards her. Just when it looks like Olaf is about to reach her… Teemo appears to save the day!

To see the exciting conclusion and much more, make sure to watch the video. Plus, on my Patreon, you’ll find an exclusive extra scene.

Don’t miss it!

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