Aurelion Sol rework

League of Legends players, get ready for an epic adventure! The newest animation features the celestial wizard, Aurelion Sol, who has received a powerful rework of his abilities. Alongside Lux, his ally, they embark on a journey to defeat their enemies.

In this thrilling animation, players will witness Aurelion Sol’s full potential as he unleashes his black hole, absorbing everything in its path, even the clothes of their enemies. The visuals and sound effects will bring the action to life and leave players in awe.

This animation is a must-watch for fans of League of Legends and for those who appreciate high-quality, action-packed animations. With two extra scenes available on Patreon, players can dive even deeper into the world of League of Legends and experience the magic of Aurelion Sol. Don’t miss out on this chance to be transported to the heart of the battle!

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