FRELJORD SISTERS Animation + Pro Edition v2

Good morning guys!
Here is an animation about the ice sisters.

In this case, Ashe and Sejuani are enjoying a swim in a waterfall with several other champions when Lissandra appears.

As you know, Lissandra leaves a trail of ice wherever she goes, so when she jumps into the pool to join the party she freezes everything, causing the girls to turn to ice. The rest of the story, let’s see if you can guess.

By the way, as I like you guys a lot and I am a good person, I have uploaded version 2, this version removes some of the ice and grasses leaving a clearer view of the scenery.

You can see the V2 animation HERE .

I hope you enjoy the animation, leave me your opinion in the comments. By the way, if you like Ashe, you can always come to my shop and look at his t-shirt.

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