The Tightest Outfit Ever Worn by Ahri in League of Legends

Hello League of Legends fans!

Today we’re excited to introduce “The Tightest Outfit Ever Worn by Ahri in League of Legends”, a hilarious new animation featuring Ahri, one of the game’s champions, in a very tight shirt. In the animation, we see Ahri standing and checking her phone when suddenly, Darius, one of the game’s most powerful champions, appears behind her with the intent to kill.

Just as Darius is about to attack, the last button on Ahri’s shirt pops off and hits Darius in the eye, killing him instantly. In a comedic twist, Darius throws his axe into the air, but it accidentally hits a bomb set by Ziggs, another champion in the game. The resulting explosion destroys all enemies in the area and creates total chaos in the match.

The animation is impressive, with detailed characters and a vibrant color palette. The physical comedy and intense combat are sure to keep you entertained. Plus, for those who want even more, there’s an extra scene between Darius and Ahri available on our Patreon.

In conclusion, “The Tightest Outfit Ever Worn by Ahri in League of Legends” is a great choice for League of Legends fans and anyone who enjoys action and comedy animations. Don’t miss out on the hilarious explosion and check out our Patreon for even more laughs!

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