Hello everyone!

I’m very happy to share the first chapter of my comic Melon&Pan!

I want to give some notes.

1- First of all, I’m sorry if there are some dialogues badly translated, you know I’m not good in English and I use a web translator. If you see something badly translated I would appreciate if you could tell me where.

2- Melon&Pan I do it totally for fun and it will be free for everyone, but you patreons will be the first to see it.

3- I draw Melon&Pan in my free time and when I feel like it, this means that do not expect regularity, that is to say there will be no weekly or monthly chapter, it will come out when it has to come out, without haste 😀 could be 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 days, etc no ones know XD

4- I will make some animations of Melon&Pan in the channel so you can enjoy Melon animated.

5- I hope you accept and love Melon and Pan, because even if it’s a hentai comic, it will have a mysterious story!

6- Appreciatte any feedback

7- Enjoy!



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