Teemo rework Animation

It’s here! The animation of the most beloved badger on the planet has arrived.

For this animation we have chosen to do it in a Riot Games spotlight style format.

The white background to highlight the character and the actions that happen.
We have made 2 versions, for people who speak Spanish and for those who speak English. For those who don’t know one or the other, I’m sorry for not including more languages, but you can always support me and write the subtitles yourself in my video.

The animation basically reviews Teemo’s abilities but in a hilarious tome.
Of course, as usual in the channel, we blow up the planet.

For this animation we have opted for a paler color palette to give it a vintage touch, but just a little bit!

Without further ado I leave you to watch the video, leave me in the comments box your opinion!

By the way! If you like Teemo, you can take a look at the official t-shirt of the channel!

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