Teemo rework spotlight screenshot

Teemo will receive a rework soon. In this spotlight we will be able to review his new abilities and appearance. Don’t miss it!

I introduce the design of Mecha Teemo.

As you all know, Teemo has received a small rework by Riot Games.

So it’s a good excuse to make a new video, don’t you think?

This is the design of Mecha Teemo, the word mecha comes from Japanese, basically refers to something that has mechanical parts.

As usual in the Teemo vs All channel we make certain muscular characters.
Teemo is no exception, he was the 2nd champion with a great transformation into super saiyan.

If you haven’t seen it you can see it below.

The difference this time is in the Vulcan on the left hand, the missiles on the back and half of the bionic face.

Otherwise it retains its badger strength. I hope you like it.

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