Attention all League of Legends enthusiasts!

In the latest thrilling episode of action-packed gameplay on Summoner’s Rift, our beloved Lillia, the enchanting being who’s half woman, half deer, finds herself in a critical situation. The allied nexus is under attack, and Lillia decides to take desperate measures to save it.

Lillia, accompanied by Kindred, calls upon heroes of Pantheon’s, Garen’s, and Trundle’s caliber to ride a horse… on herself! However, the guys’ interpretation of “riding” takes the situation to an unexpected turn, and Kindred watches with surprise as the scene unfolds before them.

Confusion and laughter blend in this hilarious moment. What really happens? Only the brave will have the answer. But that’s not all! On my Patreon, unlock two additional scenes with juicy moments between Kindred and Lillia that you won’t find anywhere else.

Get ready for a unique experience in the League of Legends world. Don’t miss out!

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