Greetings to all my fellow League of Legends fans!

In a heartwarming tale of festive cheer, our beloved Ahri takes on the role of Santa Claus and embarks on a journey down the chimneys, spreading joy and gifts to the champions of the League.

Stealthily entering Tristana’s abode, Ahri checks her list, ensuring Tristana has been a good little yordle. In appreciation of Tristana’s exemplary behavior, Ahri presents her with an extraordinary gift—one so remarkable that its details remain a secret, reserved exclusively for our Patreon supporters.

Next on Ahri’s gift-giving escapade is Kayn’s dwelling. Having confirmed Kayn’s good behavior, Ahri bestows upon him a spectacular gift, the nature of which, again, is kept confidential. Kayn’s expression of delight upon receiving the gift speaks volumes.

However, the tale takes a different turn when Ahri infiltrates Teemo’s residence. Discovering Teemo’s mischievous and toxic inclinations, Ahri dons her leather attire and, armed with a whip, delivers a bit of festive discipline to the misbehaving scout.

But wait, there’s more to this enchanting story! Join my Patreon to unwrap additional scenes and be part of the holiday festivities. Your support is the greatest gift of all!

Wishing you a joyful and magical holiday season,

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