Qiyana twerking

In the heat of battle, Qiyana, Shaco, and Kassadin face off against Sett, Teemo, and Aphelios, with both nexuses on the brink. But when all seems lost, Qiyana makes an unusual decision: she shakes up the battlefield with a stunning twerking display to distract the opposing team and secure victory!

The surprise doesn’t end there. Although Qiyana expects a different reaction, Sett, Teemo, and Aphelios don’t seem bothered by their loss. Instead, their strange expressions reveal intriguing intentions. Far from being frightened, Qiyana bursts into laughter, perhaps because she has an ace up her sleeve. What dark secrets will be unveiled? Only the brave will dare to find out.

But that’s not all! On my Patreon, you can unlock additional content, including extended versions of the interactions between Qiyana and Sett, and an extra minute of pure animated action!

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