I kissed a SLIME and I liked it

Attention, fellow summoners! Teemo vs All proudly presents the explosive episode “I Kissed a Slime and I Liked It”! Kayn, our fearless hero, ventures through the Rift and encounters a peculiar green slime girl that catches his eye. However, what Kayn doesn’t suspect is that this charming girl is, in fact, Zac’s left arm, who has dark plans for our hero.

Kayn’s cunning and speed prove to be too much for Zac, but the story takes a confusing and terrible turn when Kayn makes a move so bewildering towards the slime girl that it traumatizes Zac. In an act of desperation, Zac makes a drastic decision: to cut off his own arm shaped like a slime girl, shedding tears in the process.

Meanwhile, the slime girl, now free from Zac’s influence, encounters Alistar and Trundle. Instead of showing fear, the slime girl smiles, revealing even greater plans. What fates await our champions in this hilarious and surprising tale?

But that’s not all! To discover more about the slime girl’s plans and enjoy an additional scene between Kayn and her, head over to our Patreon. Don’t miss out on this episode full of unexpected twists and laughs in Teemo vs All!

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