Animation Wallpaper

Ahri wallpaper + full version

Good morning people!

You seem to have liked the LOL ARAM video a lot and you have proved it to me!

We have now satiated my appetite for likes and have reached over 4000!
Because of this nice detail, the good man from TeemovsAll opens the access to a new dimension where things don’t always happen as you see them!

If you click HERE you could enter to the full version!

Also, here is the image that accompanies the video. A wallpaper of your favourite nine-tailed fox, Ahri!

I hope you will continue to support me in the other videos and let me know in the comments what you would like me to draw.

Thumbnail drawing of the video “LOL ARAM”, the resolution is 1280×720 but it will look good in larger formats. You can download here the wallpaper

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