Xayah is worth it

In this episode, we follow the hottest couple in League of Legends, Xayah and Rakan, as they go shopping. Xayah is excited about fashion and heads straight to the fitting room to try on some new clothes. Rakan, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much interest in fashion and stays behind in the store, feeling a bit bored and lost.

But then, Xayah appears at the entrance of the fitting room wearing a beautiful red dress that shows off her perfect and captivating curves. Rakan is left speechless as he admires her from afar, but his excitement grows when Xayah calls him over and throws something at his face. Rakan realizes that she’s inviting him to join her in the fitting room and he can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

Once inside the fitting room, the sexual tension between Xayah and Rakan is palpable. The passion and desire that they have been holding back for so long finally explode and things happen that they never imagined. But you’ll have to watch the video to find out what!

In addition, as an extra incentive to support my channel, those who subscribe to my Patreon can enjoy three extra one-minute scenes, where a happy ending is revealed that will definitely leave a smile on your face.

In summary, “Xayah’s Worth It” is an exciting and spicy League of Legends animation video that you won’t want to miss. So make sure to subscribe to my channel and visit my Patreon to enjoy all the additional content. Thanks for watching!

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