Tinder problems

Get ready for a new and exciting video, “Issues with Tinder”! In this story, we follow Nidalee as she ventures into the world of dating through the Tinder app. While swiping left to reject candidates like Evelynn and Taric and swiping right to like others like Orianna and Syndra, Nidalee comes across a photo that completely captivates her.

The picture shows Teemo in a way she never would have imagined: muscular and in great shape. Nidalee is utterly impressed and decides to like it immediately. To her surprise, they make a match!

However, the problem arises when Nidalee finally meets Teemo in person. It turns out he’s not exactly as he appeared in the photo. What happens from here is something you’ll have to discover by watching the full video.

And for those looking for additional content and wanting to know how Nidalee’s date with someone else ends, we invite you to visit our Patreon, where you’ll find an additional scene full of surprises.

So join us in “Issues with Tinder” and get ready to laugh, be surprised, and enjoy this unusual dating story with Nidalee. Don’t forget to subscribe and explore the additional content on Patreon. See you in the video!

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