Sona needs a shower

Hello everyone, I’m Lord Teemo and I bring you a new animation that you’re going to love! It’s called “Sona and the shower” and it’s a funny and spicy story starring our beloved champion of the strings. What happens when Sona showers with her friends and drops the soap? Well, Illaoi plays a prank on her that she won’t forget. And not only that, but you’ll also see how I, Teemo, drop the soap and the guys who enjoy the shower with me are more cruel. Do you want to see it? Well, don’t wait any longer and hit play!

This animation is one of the many that you can find on my YouTube channel, where I make you laugh with the adventures of the most popular champions of League of Legends. I’m a Spanish illustrator and animator who has a lot of talent and humor. Besides animations, you can also find on my channel wallpapers, illustrations and comics about League of Legends and other topics. And if you want to see more exclusive and spicy content, you can join my Patreon, where you’ll find more than 1000 drawings, including animated gifs and scenes never seen on YouTube.

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