Welcome to our latest video, “Smash or Pass”! In this animation, Teemo ventures into the exciting world of online dating using a rather peculiar app. As he browses through photos of various League of Legends champions, including Tristana, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Ahri, and many more, Teemo surprises everyone by confidently swiping “pass” on all the attractive ladies and only selecting those he considers less attractive.

As you might expect, this unusual choice doesn’t go unnoticed, and the beautiful ladies, a bit irritated, decide to take matters into their own hands. Each of them delivers a hefty blow to Teemo that sends him flying.

The story takes an unexpected turn, and Teemo ends up in a terrible place that we can’t reveal details about here. To discover what happens to Teemo next after this disastrous encounter, you’ll have to watch the full video!

And for those seeking even more fun, we’ve prepared an extra scene full of surprises and laughs, exclusively available on our Patreon. Don’t miss out.

So join us in “Smash or Pass” and get ready for some hearty laughter as Teemo navigates the tumultuous waters of the dating world. Don’t forget to subscribe and explore the additional content on Patreon. See you in the video!

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