Syndra finds herself in a common dilemma among League of Legends champions: she’s bought so many items at the shop that now she’s struggling to carry them all. The bulging bags are just too heavy, and there seems to be no one willing to help her. However, in that moment of desperation, Rumble appears with his imposing robot. Faced with the scene, Syndra can’t help but be surprised and wonder what the ingenious and mischievous inventor plans to do.

Rumble, in his typical fashion, decides to step in to help Syndra with that extra load, but he doesn’t take the bags as anyone would expect. Instead, he lifts a different weight: Syndra’s prominent breasts. The expression of surprise on everyone’s faces is evident, while Syndra, furious and confused by the situation, wastes no time unleashing her wrath against everything around her.

Chaos ensues, with items flying through the air and magical energy bursting in all directions. Despite the confusion and uproar, Rumble seems to have achieved his goal, albeit in a completely unexpected way.

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