Darius bought a doll and can do whatever he wants with her.

“Darius has always been a formidable champion on the Fields of Justice, but his latest purchase may have been a step too far. When he ordered a life-size doll, he was expecting something… different. However, upon opening the box, he’s greeted by none other than the famous champion Orianna.

With a mischievous grin and dark intentions in mind, Darius activates Orianna and lays back on the bed, expecting a romantic encounter. However, Orianna has other plans. Instead of complying with Darius’s wishes, she swiftly delivers a kick to his surprise, followed by several more.

It seems that Darius may have activated Orianna in battle mode instead of companion mode, leading to a less-than-romantic outcome. If you’re curious to see what happens next or if Darius manages to tame Orianna, head over to my Patreon for some extra scenes and exclusive content.”

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