Elise Sexy Pentakill Animation

Hello everyone

Here comes the hottest spider in League of Legends, Elise!
This time we will see a series of deaths triggered by Diana’s phobia of spiders…. or maybe it’s spider farts.

Lately I like to use a character and change his skin in every shot, it looks fun. In this case the chosen one has been GangPlank and you have to see him with his sailor suit, very handsome.

By the way, there are scenes in which Elise changes the appearance of her masks. Can you recognize which famous masks Elise wears in the animation? Whoever tells me in the comments will earn 3 mini points, mini points are important for everyone’s personal development!

Without further ado, I hope you like the video and have as much fun as I did making it.

By the way, if you support me on patreon you will be able to choose which characters will appear in my next animations.

PS: If we reach 5k likes I will release an improved version of this animation.

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