Can you rub lotion on my back?

Greetings, League of Legends summoners! In our latest episode, we dive into beachside fun with Garen and Lux. The story kicks off with Lux soaking up the sun on the beach and deciding to ask Garen to apply sunscreen on her back.

Ever the prankster, Garen decides to put a unique spin on this request. Instead of the typical sunscreen, Garen surprises Lux by applying ketchup. Yes, ketchup! Lux’s expression shifts from anticipation to utter bewilderment as Garen laughs heartily at his own clever prank.

But that’s where the fun doesn’t stop. While Garen chuckles at his own mischief, he decides to take things to the next level. Suddenly, a stream of ketchup right to Lux’s face! Double surprise!

What ensues is a ketchup war filled with laughter, chaos, and beachside camaraderie. Who will emerge victorious in this battle of pranks? Will Garen maintain his title as the king of mischief, or will Lux become the queen of comebacks?

Join us on this sunny day brimming with laughter and beachside antics in our latest video! And don’t forget to check out our Patreon for exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, and an extra scene that will make you laugh even more.

I hope this version meets your expectations. Enjoy watching the epic ketchup war between Garen and Lux on the beach!

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