Ashe have a big monture

I wanted to take a big step in my animation quality. What does this mean? 

I have invested 15 hours in making a loop that barely reaches 1 second. I have made a much more elaborate animation process. First I have studied how would be the movement if Ashe was riding a mount and at the same time a ****.

After making the sketch I made the inking and I took care of the lines to the maximum so that they looked uniform. When I had the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) version ready I had to do the SFW version, this included putting clothes on and removing the ****!

Once the loop was finished I had to look for bugs (and there were a few) and in the final version there are still some bugs (but I let you find them). Once finished I did the montage in premiere and added effects and music.

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