League of Legends ANIME 2

Lol anime in a nutshell is one of my favourite videos as it has many elements that we see in the anime.

Today I bring you the second part, but, logically, it has nothing to do with the first one. If you were expecting to see who picked up the biscuit… bad luck!

This time we are at the battle academy. Several of our favourite champions are gathered on the roof of the school because there has been a murder.

Our best junior detective, Kayn, will try to solve the mystery of Ezreal’s horrible death…. or maybe not. Can you recognise all the champions and their skins in the video? Let me know in the comments!

I want to thank my favourite Kayn dubbing artist Argos Gaia for his work…and for free! XD

Summary of words used by Kayn:

LINK to the first part.

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