Jinx’s surprise

What’s up, folks!

Guess what? I just dropped a new video, and this time it features Jinx, rocking her Academy skin, taking the train back and causing chaos with her phone. The perspective of the video is like we’re watching from Ekko’s eyes. Turns out Ekko wants to talk to Jinx, but he’s a bit tongue-tied. Jinx, being no fool, notices and sends him a spicy message. Ekko, surprised, gets distracted, and when he looks back, Jinx isn’t in her spot on the train!

Where is she? Ekko chases after her, but surprise! He ends up falling into a trap. You’ll want to know more, so go check out the video. And if that’s not enough, on my Patreon, there are two extra scenes that you’ll really enjoy.

See you in the next chaos, guys! πŸš‚πŸ’£πŸŽ‰

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