Ahri dancer – What does the fox say?

Hello beloved followers

Many years have passed since I made Ahri dancing and many people have asked me to upload the gif of Ahri dancing. Well, here it is, here it is!

I remember when I made this gif. It was a headache, it has many frames and the movement was not as I liked.

The gif belongs to the video What does the fox says? that you can see below these lines.

However, as it was logical, I got a copyright claim, so I changed the audio.

You can see the original HERE with the original audio.

It must be said that this animation was also very problematic since I needed to put many moving clips inside other clips and the Flash I was using did not allow it. In the end, when all the animation was done I couldn’t render it so I had to download a screen capture program to render the animation.

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