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With the new rework of the favorite girls of the League of Legends, here Mr. Teemo vs All brings you the most awaited video parody:

Let’s review some key moments of the animation: At the beginning we can see Singed leaning calmly on a stone while listening to music.Of course, Morgana is torturing Teemo with her puddle until Kayle makes her appearance. The fact of making her appear like that is to create impact since nobody expects it.

Teemo losing blood due to Kayle’s impacts starts to have hallucinations. On the other hand, Morgana and Kayle invoke the god of flying spaghetti to finish off Teemo.
Of course, everything ends in big explosions that affect the whole planet.

I also add the miniature of the video Morgana and Kayle rework.
If you want to see it with a higher resolution, right click on the image and open a new tab. I hope you liked the animation as much as I did.

As extra information, I leave you the official link where you can find the story, skills and curiosities of the champions. CLICK HERE

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